Teradata Migration to BigQuery

For most of us, on-premise Teradata environments are not keeping up with our requirements, which is a big part of why cloud-hosted migration is on the rise. StackPros is happily tasked with moving large amounts of data and workloads from Teradata into cloud storage platforms, particularly Google Cloud.

When we ask our clients about why they are bravely looking at stepping out of their on-premise comfort zone, they tell us:

Their hardware scaling is falling short

It takes monumental energy to manage database servers, parameters, and software

• System consumption and load times cause continuous anxiety

The mountain of money required to keep the lights on could be better used elsewhere.

Ultimately, the needs and expectations of organizations who operate Teradata environments have evolved much more quickly than the technology, and this gap is continuing to widen. To resolve the full set of issues identified above, performing a migration from Teradata to BigQuery has proven to be an extremely effective solution.

Ready to migrate? We'll show you how.

Why Google BigQuery:

• Serverless, highly scalable and low-cost

• Reduced environment management time, Google-unique features and capabilities

• Supports standard ANSI:2011 compliant SQL dialect, including free ODBC and JDBC drivers

• Data ingestion patterns can be simplified

• Built-in Machine Learning features executed directly through queries

• Streaming APIs enable Low Latency data access and Real-Time Analytics

• Flat-rate contracts available for customers migrating from Teradata

Why StackPros?

Recognized by Google as a SI partner for Data Analytics migrations, StackPros places significant focus on Big Data / Advanced Analytics / ML migrations from legacy computing environments, into Google Cloud specifically. We engage as flexible as Google Cloud, offering a number of engagement and support models to choose from. Our team is there to help you along every step of the way towards reaching your goal. Let us help you migrate with confidence.

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Our Approach

Guided Deployment

We will be right next to you to guide you through all aspects of the migration, from initial considerations to step-by-step instructions that cover the pre-migration, migration and post-migration process.

Skills & Knowledge Transfer

We will be right next to you to guide you through all aspects of the migration, from initial considerations and architecture through fully migrated workloads, taking a low-risk gradual/phased approach.

On-Going Support

We maintain the option of clients accessing support desk services for any duration following in-scope migration activities, to ensure extended operational excellence.

CostMulti-year Subscription & Licence FeesNo licencing fees
Hardware Purchasing & MaintenanceOn-Demand: Pay based on records queried
Database AdminsOption for flat-rate pricing
Data center costs
StorageDependent upon physical disk space, requires continuous hardware purchasingHighly scalable up and down
Per-second billing based on storage used
ComputeSubject to job volumeHighly scalable, per-second billing
Hardware difficult to keep modern/fastMix of managed and unmanaged options
Patching / Updating / MaintenanceContinuous time burdenTypically not necessary
Downtime and interruptions
Query SpeedLong query timesServerless, not impacted by concurrent queries
Query failuresVery fast
Misc. capacity limitations
Real-time AnalyticsSystem slowness and batching does not support Real-time AnalyticsBigQuery Streaming APIs enable Real-time Analytics with Structured Data
Employee Capabilities RequiredSQL and Teradata SQLStandard / Simple SQL
Teradata Database, database management systems
Teradata utilities that load and retrieve data

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