Holistic Digital Ecosystems

The culmination of Marketing Intelligence and Data Systems divisions creates Holistic Digital Ecosystem Support. Although this happens organically, StackPros has deployed a full team strictly dedicated to the success of our clients' digital ecosystems as a whole. Working closely with the other two StackPros divisions, this team amplifies everything we do, enabling comprehensive Digital Transformation & Evolution.

Holistic Digital Ecosystems can only be successfully managed with the right distribution of People and Platforms. As such, this division of StackPros focusing on helping clients achieve excellence across both. Some of the primary workflows of the Digital Ecosystem team include:

Platform, Tool & Technology Ecosystem Design & Planning

In any enterprise Digital Ecosystem, our client teams are rarely in a position where they can establish an evolving tool and technology roadmap spanning the next few quarters, let alone the next few years.
StackPros' Digital Ecosystem team maintains expertise across a multitude of tools and solutions, and helps our clients design proactive integration timelines.
Moving tool-to-tool based on ad hoc use cases and value propositions can leave the ecosystem fragmented, so the StackPros creates forward-looking roadmaps for what's most cost effective and feasible.

Integration of Marketing Intelligence and Data Systems functions to create complete Digital Ecosystem solutions

Point solutions have resulted into half-working integrations and ineffective Digital Ecosystems.

The Digital Ecosystems team is responsible for fixing that, through the creation of and progression through StackPros' end-to-end solution delivery


Business Needs Analyses and Goal Setting

Thousands of platforms offer solutions, but we believe that concrete business objectives and goals should dictate enterprises' Digital Ecosystems.

StackPros can help translate overlaying business priorities into defined needs, boiled down to actionable milestones paired with associated business value.

Organizational & Team Structure Review, Optimization & Design

The design of our clients' teams, and the operating model of those teams is something that is frequently not contemplated when looking at Digital Ecosystems.
StackPros pairs our platform-specific evolution with the progression of clients' operating structures, workflows and responsibility assignment.

Resource Placement & Team Training

Finding and keeping talented individuals, who possess the right skills and enthusiasm for digital excellence is always a difficult process.
Our Digital Ecosystems team helps with tasks from resource identification and role scoping, through to on-boarding, training and development to ensure that our clients have industry-leading support internally.

Implementation of Agile Systems & Workflows

While agile workflows are most commonly deployed in development-type environments, the complexity of enterprise data environments enables agile practices to flourish.
StackPros helps our client teams migrate into Agile frameworks and project management processes, drastically increasing efficiency and accelerating Digital Ecosystem teams.

Client Internal Team & External Partner/Agency Collaboration Design

The way enterprises and their external partners and agencies work together in a state of rapid change, as Digital Ecosystems become a core component of businesses themselves.
StackPros can do a deep-dive into the real working processes that are present between our clients' teams and their external partners, finding opportunities for optimization and reduced redundancy.

Digital Transformation/Evolution Enablement

Digital Transformation and Digital Evolution are often the outcomes of the support we provide for our clients.
Innovative and nimble companies are realizing the benefits of re-calibrating the way that they approach their Digital Ecosystems, and StackPros plays a key role in breaking through organizational hurdles and limitations.

RFP/RFI Creation & Administration

While RFP and RFI processes are often an effective way to evaluate multiple solution providers, it can be difficult to ask the right questions and hold vendors accountable to the information they are providing.
StackPros leads these processes for our clients, ensuring that the best solutions at the most competitive prices are decided between.

Business Value, Expenditure & ROI Analyses

With leading platforms and cloud solutions offering a breadth of value and functionality, it can be difficult to have a firm understanding of whether or not current and prospective tools are generating positive value.
Our Digital Ecosystems team specializes in understanding true, quantifiable value and comparing it to the monetary, human and opportunity costs that platforms and processes create.

Transitioning Digital workflow from Out-Sourced to In-House and/or Hybrid

Similar to the work that we do with External Partner collaboration design, the StackPros team has an in-depth understanding of the process required for enterprises to internalize functions and platforms that currently reside with external partners.
While we find that hybrid models are often favourable for most scenarios, we can map out all steps, areas of risk, and areas of opportunity for clients that are evaluating their internal and external resourcing models.

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