Application Development

Developing engaging, dynamic and secure mobile and web applications customized to the specific needs of your business. Our custom development shop ensures that you and your team can be at ease that your application is future-proof and ready to scale with the needs of your business and the cloud.

The best features in modern APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT

Help your organization leverage Google Cloud Platform to deliver more value for operations, decrease costs and help free up resources to focus on what really matters to your business. StackPros delivers bespoke end-to-end applications.

Stackpros specializes in building containerized applications with docker and managing your deployment Google Kubernetes Engine. This allows you to run your applications independently and with fewer dependencies.

StackPros delivers solution applications that are agnostic of any ecosystem allowing for the greatest flexibility of client adoption.


Agile based development, testing and deployment that engages stakeholders in every step of the delivery process.

Our approach ensures you are receiving the application that is most valuable to your business and the easiest to manage and scale.

Give your organization the tools to thrive

Containerized Application Development

Leveraging the latest open source kubernetes tools to develop modularized code and manage your clusters.

Language Agnostic

Whether you are working with python, java, javascript, swift, golang, etc… Our team offers a depth of expertise in all major programming languages and we’re happy to help!

Object Oriented Programming

Expanding existing applications with new features and enabling infinite scale through integration with cloud technology

The Complete Stack

Our team is proficient in frontend, backend and everything in between. Migrate your applications to Google Cloud Platform and benefit from better performance, decreased costs and focus on what you do best.

Why StackPros?

Recognized by Google as a SI partner for Data Analytics migrations, StackPros places significant focus on Big Data / Advanced Analytics / ML migrations / Application Development from legacy computing environments, into Google Cloud specifically. We engage as flexible as Google Cloud, offering a number of engagement and support models to choose from. Our team is there to help you along every step of the way towards reaching your goal. Let us help you develop your application with confidence.

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