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StackPros primarily delivers end-to-end solutions that address business needs and accomplish goals efficiently. Working with full ecosystems is much more useful than focusing on point solutions.

Within our client partnerships, StackPros’ expertise can be segmented into three complementary functions:

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The culmination of Marketing Intelligence and Data Systems divisions creates Holistic Digital Ecosystem Support. Although this happens organically, StackPros has deployed a full team strictly dedicated to the success of our clients' digital ecosystems as a whole. Working closely with the other two StackPros divisions, this team amplifies everything we do, enabling comprehensive Digital Transformation & Evolution.

Some of the primary workflows of the Digital Ecosystem team include:

  • Integration of Marketing Intelligence and Data Systems functions to create complete Digital Ecosystem solutions
  • Platform, Tool & Technology Ecosystem Design & Planning
  • Business Needs Analyses and Goal Setting
  • Organizational & Team Structure Review, Optimization & Design
  • Resource Placement & Team Training
  • Implementation of Agile Systems & Workflows
  • RFP/RFI Creation & Administration
  • Business Value, Expenditure & ROI Analyses
  • Client Internal Team & External Partner Collaboration Design
  • Digital Transformation/Evolution Enablement
  • Transitioning Digital workflow from Out-Sourced to In-House and/or Hybrid

Our Digital Ecosystem team is our chief client advocate, most often conceptualizing and delivering end-to-end Digital Ecosystems. Tools and platforms are removed as often as they are added, all in pursuit of extracting more value for our clients in-place increasing platform investment.


Our Marketing Intelligence Division assumes the role of your expert Advertising Technology (Ad Tech), Marketing Technology (MarTech), Analytics & CRM Platform partner.

This team was designed around one central purpose: to ensure that StackPros’ clients achieve connected excellence across:

  • Media Buying & Traffic Acquisition Platforms
  • Analytics & User Behaviour Tools
  • Attribution, Conversion Centralization & User Journey Platforms
  • Audience Management, Centralization & Data Management Platforms (DMPs)
  • Customer Data Platforms
  • Content Delivery, Syndication & Asset Management Tools
  • CMS Tools
  • CRM Systems
  • Optimization, Personalization & Testing Tools
  • Marketing Automation, Sales Automation & Lead Management Tools
  • Social Media Monitoring & Marketing Tools
  • Feedback, Survey, Phone & Chat Tools
  • Influencer, Community Management & Reviews Tools
  • Local & Proximity Marketing Tools
  • Ecommerce Platforms and Feed Syndication
  • Tag Management & Data Layer Integration Tools

Our Marketing Intelligence team adds the most value when our clients have a strong sense of their business objectives, having some level of Marketing, Analytics & CRM Platforms already deployed or in their roadmap.

Our preference is to let our clients own their stacks, as they should, and supplement their infrastructure in only the places where we can add value.


Our Data Systems Division assumes the role of your expert Big Data, Cloud, and Machine Intelligence partner. This team was designed to serve three core purposes:

1) Overcome every roadblock in the way of our clients' reaching their goals, through designing and deploying custom software solutions within Cloud Computing Environments.

2) Empower Client and other StackPros teams with data and analyses that are otherwise indecipherable.

3) Let the machines do the work they are best at, bringing exponential efficiency improvements to our clients' optimization and decision-making through the integration of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence systems.

Our Data Systems team primarily works within Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce Cloud environments. Some products worked on include:

  • Computation, Programming & Developer Tools
  • Data Storage, Data Warehousing, Data Lakes, etc.
  • Relational and Non-Relational Databases
  • Data Visualization, Realtime Dashboards
  • Networking, Security & Compliance
  • Big Data Tools
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Our Data Systems team adds the most value when our clients have existing workflows and tools in-place that are being used for Tracking, Measurement, Reporting and Performance Optimization. The StackPros Data Systems team can immediately identify gaps and missed integration opportunities, immediately evolving client data systems holistically.

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