Senior Big Data Developer (Cloud)

Posted 2 months ago

The Senior Big Data Developer will play a key role at StackPros Inc, while we create and maintain industry-leading quality and efficiency of service and software delivery.

The successful candidate will receive ongoing mentoring and training and is expected to meet and exceed StackPros’s quality standards, while helping the organization rapidly expand complex applications spanning across API-based ingestion and ETL, web and application development and advanced analytics.


Development Responsibilities:

  • Development of best practices and skills/procedures advancement for the StackPros intelligence Data Systems team
  • Establishing, maintaining and evolving Development and Developer Operations (DevOps) best practices and tools, and continuously keeping them aligned with current industry best practices and procedures
  • Understanding, implementing and automating security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation frameworks
  • Contributing to deployment tooling within the team, with tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, etc.
  • Contributing to version control technology frameworks and creating/implementing working processes within the Data Systems team, with tools such as Git or SVN
  • Code Productization:
  • Migrating the delivery of the most common/universally applicable solutions from custom projects to formally productized software solutions
  • Advocating for building repeatability, scalability and standardization into how the Data Systems team approaches all work, in order to enable the future migration to productization as a general rule

Data Engineering-Specific Responsibilities:

  • Participate in continuous delivery pipelines to fully automate deployment of the highly available cloud platform that supports multiple projects
  • Design and develop ETL workflows and datasets to be used in data visualization tools
  • Write complex SQL queries with multiple joins to automate and manipulate data extracts
  • Perform end to end Data Validation to maintain accuracy of data sets
  • Build tools for deployment, monitoring and operations
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues in the development, test and production environments
  • Develop re-usable processes that can be leveraged and standardized for multiple instances
  • Prepare technical specifications and documentation for projects
  • Stay up to date on relevant technologies, plug into user groups, understand trends and opportunities to ensure we are using the best possible techniques and tools
  • Understand, implement, and automate security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation
  • Design, manage and maintain tools to automate operational processes

Data Science-Specific Responsibilities:

  • Perform exploratory data analysis to identify patterns from historical data, generate and test hypotheses, and provide product owners with actionable insights
  • Design experiments for product initiatives and perform statistical analysis of the results with recommendations for next steps and future experiments
  • Create and design dashboards by using different data visualization tools to present reports and insights, and support business decision making
  • Help the Data Systems team adopt and evolve Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning and Deep Learning processes to deliver to clients in the future


  • Maintain client satisfaction and happiness with deliverables, day-to-day work and overall value as a partner
  • Help identify, pitch, cultivate, prepare and deliver material as needed for new business and business development initiatives
  • Cultivate opportunities for company growth, always be looking for areas where the company’s role could be expanded or built upon
  • Adapt to ever-changing client needs and expectations
  • Maintain dedication toward achieving excellence in the company’s delivery against client needs, and overall success as an organization

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