Since its inception, StackPros has developed many projects that have provided digital marketers and advertisers an edge within their industries. Amongst the many tools developed, the ones that have stood out are ResponSign and Google Ad’s bulk uploads.

In addition Stackpros offers a service of dispatching specialized analytics developers and digital ecosystem specialists. Clients like Mazda, Rogers, Shopify, RBC and many others leverage Stackpros to enhance their online advertising through meaningful analytics.

The online advertising industry has been growing ever since its inception. Stackpros has been developing along with the industry, accruing expertise in analysis and data capture. We offer an array of specialists that provide the foundation of any analytics that can be used to further improve a website or use the extracted data in other initiatives. Stackpros’ analytic developers use tracking management to help identify which parts of the website are most effective; this can be especially useful for sales funnelling. To track this, we make use of Google Analytics and Tag Management. In the example of optimizing sales funnels - custom tracking code will send a report to Google Analytics of when and how purchases occurred on the website. Based on analysis of this data, a company can optimize their site structure and flow. Stackpros brings a level of expertise in this area with both analytical developers and digital ecosystem specialists. The analytical developers capture the data and the digital ecosystem specialists translate for stakeholders.

Stackpros’ Responsign Tool is an intelligent driven Content Management System. The design utilizes meaningful analytics and machine learning in order to produce automated smart playlists. The deep understanding of analytics and machine learning is what differentiates Responsign from traditional Content Management Systems. Using smart automation content managers no longer need to use human resources to distribute creatives across thousands of screens and locations. Instead Responsign uses a weighted system that provides playlists and schedules that are uploaded to screens. In addition the longer a client uses Responsign the more intelligent the ML model will become to produce content, resulting in accurate creatives that are targeted to specific audiences.

Google Ads Bulk Uploads allows advertisers to upload ads where their keywords have associated matches. What this means, in essence, is that the advertisers can use targeted creatives that have a wider range of meaning. Rather than having audiences seeing a narrowed version of what displays on their screens the ads are loosened to show phrases and broadened matches. This means that ads are shown to more users - resulting in more exposure for advertisers. A good example would be a user searching “tennis shoes”. If an advertiser has only uploaded ads that will display on search terms matching “tennis shoes” exactly, then the user would not see any ads on search terms that don’t exactly match “tennis shoes”, i.e. “shoes”. When advertisers upload ads that run on search terms that have a broad match to “tennis shoes” or match the phrase, then users would view more ads on the advertiser’s products.

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